Sat, Jul 30 2005 - Backpacking - Jacks River (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Don Norton (Chicken Feathers)
Participants:Phil 'Foz' Parkerson, Barry, Michelle Bolling, Angela, Daved Brosche, Andrea Holtzheimer, Rebecca Portman, Don Norton (Chicken Feathers)

Write Up:
Jack’s River Backpacking Trip July 30-31 We met at 8:00am and were on the road by 8:20am. We had not got on the expressway good and it started raining and we thought we were in for a wet miserable weekend. Were we wrong it turned out to be a nice two days. We were at the trail head by 11:00 and started our hike at 11:10. It took about an hour to hike down to Jack’s River the river was up and the current was very fast. Phil got his Sandals on first and proceeded to cross the river without any trouble and the rest soon followed. We got to the second crossing and it looked pretty bad and the leader (Don Norton) was the first to cross and he almost completed his traverse but the last couple of steps were his undoing and he took a swim. By the time we made it to our campsite he was dry. Since it took so long to cross the river 18 times and we were all tired we decided not to go to the water falls. Sunday morning we all got up early and were on the trail by 9:30 and the sun soon greeted us as we made the long steep climb up. On the way up Barry started shouting for us to run and we thought he had spotted a bear but he had got into a yellow jacket nest and by the time he was clear of the yellow jackets he had been stung about 9 times Andrea and Rebecca treated his bites and we proceeded our climb to the trail head and back to our cars. WOW!!!!!!! What an adventure. It was not just a hiking trip but a river crossing adventure. After we changed clothes we went to El Rey Mexican Restaurant for lunch and to talk about our adventure. We got back to Atlanta at a descent hour. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip and if you missed this one just ask the participants what a good time you missed. Hope to see you on the trail soon.
Written By: Don Norton (Trail Hawk) ???
Photos From: None provided