Sat, Sep 22 2001 - Horseback Riding & Camping (View Original Event Details)

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Even though we were running a bit late on Saturday (Chris is hanging his head in shame....and his horse was too, it appears, as he was always falling behind as well. It seems Hope had to have a snack once in a while....), Linda and her wonderful crew let us ride for at least 1 and 1/2 hours (which we REALLY regretted in the morning). We rode up and down on beautiful Georgia wooded trails, and even had to go through a little stream or two....

The horses were more interested in the apparently delectable shrubbery that grew along our path, and stopped on occasion to grab a bite, and chew reflectively, all the while ignoring our frantic attempts to pull their heads up and urge them on with sharp kicks to their sides....Some of the horses stopped for a pit stop without their riders knowledge, often giving the rider behind them a rather unpicturesque view of a day in a horses life....

After our ride, Lindas crew grilled hot dogs for us. Everyone finally got a chance to meet everyone else around a picnic table that was far from being level. For some of us, it brought back memories of riding as kids. This is where the stories began on what ended up being a VERY long night! The fire was built in the decades old fireplace in our campsite, and we sat around, having inscrutable conversations that we could never tell our parents and imbibing heavily our favorite drinks....This went on for, oh....about 10 hours.....While some wimped out and went to bed early, others sat up and watched the dawn tint the sky with a beautiful morning glow. Those that did finally hit the blankets early were rudely awakened at 7:00 AM by the lovely sounds of Katt trying to cook breakfast on a mere three hours of sleep! (All of the expletives were conveniently ignored by our gracious members....)

But breakfast was done (sans butter and coffee, but with plenty of toast, creamer and sugar...opps) and the crowd set about eating and, for some....trying to sober up a bit. Promptly at 9:00 AM we appeared at Lindas stables, refreshed (some of us) and ready to ride (some of us). We were promptly reminded of our previous nights ride as we all hit the saddles....(ouch) and rode again for another (slightly longer) 1 and 1/2 hours. Some of the riders had interesting names for their horses. One rider had Magic between her legs, while others rode far from perfect on the Perfect Horse. It was interesting to see some of the horses being picky about who they followed. Linda even gave the riders an opportunity to take their horses for a sprint if they were experienced enough. Of course, some of us did not have enough umf in our kick into the side of the horse to even get them going from a dead stop....

After breaking camp, we headed down to Atlanta to have lunch, and dined on the delectable delights served at Eats (on Ponce de Leon). YUM! and the perfect way to end an exciting weekend!
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