Sat, Mar 19 2011 - Dockery Lake to Preaching Rock, via Appalachian Trail CHANGED to Blood Mtn (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Doug L, Kristi
Participants:Kristi, Rachel, Doug L, Brigitte, Todd M, Glenda Coker, Tatiana, Peter W., Olin S, Keith C, Andy Altman, Linda Jones

Write Up:
Originally this hike was planned to start at Dockery Lake; however the gate on the road leading from the highway to the trail head was still closed for the winter, so we changed the hike to "Blood Mountain from Lake Winfield Scott" (Plan B). Late Friday, prior to the hike on Saturday, the Forest Service called to say the gate had been opened. But since our plans were already set, and we had a couple folks meeting at Lake Winfield Scott, we stuck to the Plan B. It was a great spring day for hiking, we made it to the top where we soaked in a lot of sun (got sunburned!), had lunch, strolled to the south side and then headed back down the Jarrard Gap Trail, to complete a loop. On the way down the mountain, we ran into the AOC backpacking group and numerous Appalachian Trail through-hikers going all the way to Maine. For some in our group, this was a first summit to Blood Mountain and a noteworthy accomplishment!