Sat, Sep 15 2001 - Indoor Rock Climbing (View Original Event Details)

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On Saturday, we had nine people come out for indoorrock climbing. Tim, who is also a member of theAtlanta Rocks facility, doubled as a belayer. Thisincreased the number of rocks each member could climbsubstantially. Each wall had its own identificationnumber and some walls were harder than others. Eachmember was able to reach the top of both the flatvertical walls as well as the more realistic non-flatsurface rock walls.

Even though our goal was to reach the top of eachwall, we found that to be challenging on climbing thecorner wall #1 and the 45 degree angled-extended facerock wall #10. Congrats go to the two members whomade it all the way to the top of #10: Kris - thephantom member who did it twice, and Rochelle - who isdoubling as the new karate master. They made it lookeasy while the rest of us gast halfway up.

At the end of the day we all went out to dinner at Foxand Hounds. We even took one of our belayers -Victoria. Four other AOC members joined us for dinnerto discuss the event and meet some of the new peoplewho joined at the previous social.
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