Sat, Apr 9 2011 - Red Top Mountain Hike x 2 & Atlanta Beat Home Opener (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Armin
Participants:Armin, Minah, Adi, Edd

Write Up:
What an unbelieivable day!  I should have been a weather man, where it is ok to be wrong!  Not one single drop of rain was spotted.  In the morning there was a 50% chance of rain.  Edd, Minah, Adi, and I took to the trails of Red Top Mountain with enthusiasm and vigor.  Before we began most decided they were only on board for one loop, however.  After a heated debate we finally compromised and did one loop of each trail.  Homestead, Sweetgum, and White Tail Trails.  At the beginning of the hike we spotted two fawn snacking on leaves in the mid-day sunlight.  There were many other folks hiking along the path and plenty of boaters on the water, even one sailboat.  Next time we bring bathing suits for swimming!