Fri, Aug 10 2001 - Canoeing & Lodging (View Original Event Details)

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The majority of us arrived at the mountain lodge (5 miles East of Ellijay, GA) at about 9 PM on Friday night, where we immediately began cooking hamburgers for dinner. Manyof us were reminded of the MTV Road Rules when we walked into the lodge, because there were 3 rooms of 6 beds, bunked 3 high across from one another (built intothe wall) - it looked as though we were on the Road Rules bus. Each of these rooms had its own bathroom with 2 of everything. The living area was maxed out in the lodge with a huge living room (with fireplace),an upstairs floor with ping pong table, games, and honeymoon suite (well, thats what it was converted to at night, anyway). Then, the lower level of the lodgehad 2 banquet tables, the TV/VCR, and access to the outdoor grill and firepit.

Saturday morning, 6 of us hiked a trail that ran along side of the Cartecay River, where Chris decided to play leap frog, hence the new nickname of Frogman. Toddalso decided to share with us information we probably shouldnt have been told, hence his nickname of F.P. And, I, of course, gained my newest nickname of Dr. Ruth. While we were hiking the 3.7mile trail, the others were back at the lodge cooking up a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, etc. Yummy! At about noon, those of us that missed out on breakfast hadour cold-cut sandwich lunch and some practiced their golf swing in the yard. At 1:30 PM Saturday, we walked about 100 yards to M.O.E.s office where we watched ashort instructional video on canoeing for white water. We then hopped on the converted bread-trucks with the canoes and headed for the river. The canoe triplasted about 3 hours, plus an hour of swimming. We paddled approximately 2 miles in our 8 canoes, of which I believe only 2 tipped during the adventure. Anyone want tolearn the best way to tip a canoe on a class III rapid?... Ask Susan. :-P Saturday evening, as you can imagine, most of us were exhausted, so we sat by the fire after ouryummy pasta dinner and made Smores, had water fights, listened to a little guitar and our psycho neighbor singing karaokee on her front porch with the volume all the way up (it wasechoing through the valley). Katt didnt tell us about that exciting entertainment! ;) A few folks stayed inside and played Taboo, and then we all kind of hit the beda bit earlier than the night before.

On Sunday, everyone broke off and did their own thing after hanging out at the lodge a bit longer. Some went back out on the river, some went toAmicalola Falls State Park, and some hung out in Ellijay before taking off back to Atlanta. Everyone was exhausted after the weekend of working out, partying and having fun...

Signed, Dr. Ruth (Amy)

P.S. Am I the only one who happened to step in red ants next to the firepit?!?! Agh!!!
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