Sat, Jul 21 2001 - White Water Rafting (View Original Event Details)

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Every time I go on an AOC event, I wonder how it could possibly get more fun...but every time it does! And, better than that, every time, the weather seems to be on our side. I didnt talk to one person that didnt have a blast rafting. It was intense, lots of fun, and Im sure we are all sore from using muscles we didnt think we had. Our float time was about 2 hours in total, including the 1996 Olympic Course. We paddled through rapid Humongous, one of the class IVs we came across during the ride. It was at times scary, but we all made it out alive...smiling! The scenery was also unbelievable, as this strecth of the Ocoee is only being traveled 20 days this season (so its rare to catch a glimpse). At the end of the trip, many of us jumped in the Ocoee (which was freezing cold) and swam around for 15 minutes or so, alongside the rafts. The highlight of the day was when the 6 AOC members on Ricks (Ocoee Adventure Center Guide) Raft decided they wanted to splash Adam (OAC Guide) leading the other 7 AOC members... It was WAR! We stopped for lunch at Pats on the way home. Katt - when can we do this again?!?!?!

Signed, Human Cannonball (Amy)
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