Wed, Aug 10 2011 - Stone Mountain Sunset - A Slightly Different Approach (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mark
Participants:Mark, Amy, Karel V, Mark K., Linda P, Laura V, Jennifer Miles, Scott, Laura, Alex R, Carolyn Foster, Bob J, Eloisa I, Rafiq, Bernie Brady, Charlie Cottingham

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Write Up:
We had a nice size group of 16 who all arrived on time to begin our sunset hike. After introductions we began our hike by heading over to the nature trail, where we completed half of the loop until reaching the Cherokee Trail. We then hiked on the Cherokee Trail for a short period before breaking off for a jaunt up the southeast side of the mountain. The route was steep for a bit, but then leveled off and gave us some nice views not normally seen from the walkup trail. Then after a brief stop, we continued up the mountain crossing over the walkup trail and heading the rest of the way up on the northeast side of the mountain. We then settled in on one of the rock outcroppings for conversation, a snack, and the wait for the sunset. At first it did not look as if we were going to get a great sunset due to the low lying clouds, but as the sun began to lower on the horizon all of that changed. The last 5 minutes of the sunset were awesome... personally, one of the best I've seen. It seemed that minute by minute different clouds turned on and off with spectacular colors, and light beams streaming through.

About 15 minutes after sunset, we collected our things and began the trek back down the mountain. But again, to change things a bit, we headed the majority of the way down the mountain through the woods on the northeast side. It was a nice change and seemed much quieter with the trees and bushes muffling our sounds.

I've posted some photos of the hike that you can see by clicking the photo link associated with the event posting. Scott and Laura also posted their photos, which can be viewed at the following link: