Sun, Sep 18 2011 - Blankets Creek Mtn Biking (Woodstock) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Harry F, Tom
Participants:Harry F, Tom, Charles W, Chris H, Colin S, Debra, Gloria, Kevin, James, Vilai, Jorge, Eddy, Ashley W

Write Up:
The day started out chilly as we gathered at the trail head.  Harry unfortunately was not feeling well but was kind enough to show up and get us organized and ready for our ride.

It quickly warmed up as we made our way around the warm up lap (Mosquito Flats).  We had a ranged of riding skills from beginners to advanced.  Our beginner/intermediate(B/I) group headed down to Dwelling loop and our Intermediate/Advanced(I/A) group made their way to Van Michael. 

After completing Van Micheal the I/A group made their way to Dwelling to catch up with the B/I group.  The B/I group was too much for the I/A group who was left playing catch up.  After completing Dwelling the entire group headed up to the new Quehl Holler track to test out our jumping skills. 

Some of the riders still hadn't had enough abuse and headed over to the Avalanche trail down the street in Woodstock to add an additional 6 miles to the days ride. 

Working up an appetite we headed over to 7tequilas for some chips, salsa, and margaritas to finish off a perfect days ride.

Special Thanks to Chris & Colin for assisting with the groups.

Hope you feel better soon Harry.  Us Mtb'ers need ya out here.