Sat, Dec 3 2011 - Dockery Lake to Preaching Rock, via Appalachian Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi, Rafiq
Participants:Kristi, Kirk W, Terry, Laura S, Billy Gewin, Janet G, Jeff B., Rafiq, Scott J, Linda Jones, Jim, Doug L, Helena F, Raghav

Write Up:
Fourteen keen hikers,
Steady climb, upward we went
and back down.  Happy.

Great late autumn hike in north GA.  Many of us familiar with the area kept marveling at the beauty of this trail that started at Dockery Lake, and after about of a mile or so of rolling up's and down's began a steady ascent through mixed forest.  Most of this trail parallels and crosses numerous streams with small cascades dropping down to clear pools.  So pretty.  This is a watershed area and feels pristine.  At 3.5 miles, intersected with the A.T., traveled that for another 1 1/2 mile or so, to Preaching Rock where we rested and had lunch.  Rafiq brought out his stove and had a hot drink; nice touch.  Really nice views of the winter peaceful, magestic winter landscape throughout the hike.  New to the club - Jeff and Raghav - welcome to the club!  After the hike 12 of us went to dine in Dahlonega at the Yahoola Creek Grill; we had our own dining area with good service, food and drink.  After eating, four of us walked the square of Dahlonega that is decked out with beautiful lights; there was a rockin' band playing, lots of people, festive feeling. Had warm drinks and dessert at the Crescent Moon.  Fun full day, very social with a solid ten+ mile hike.   Hope to see everyone again soon!