Fri, Jun 21 2002 - Camping in the National Forest near Amicalola Falls State Park (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Katherine Martin
Participants:Katherine Martin, victoria lang, Sarah Sunde, karen gennuso, Udo Licht, Chris Jackson, Darcy Chalfin, Todd Biggs, JoAnn Kent

Write Up:
Friday night we arrived just at dusk. The site was beautiful, even at night, with the sound of the creek rushing through it and the wind stirring the leaves…we searched for firewood, after staking out the perfect site for each of our tents, and started dinner.

Campfire grilled hamburgers were well appreciated after all that work, and we sat about and got to know each other as we made s’mores over the fire. It was a beautiful night, cool and breezy…perfect for camping! The moon was almost full, and it lit up the sky making flashlights almost unnecessary! Then, finally, as the bugs stopped chirping, and silence descended upon the forest, we each went our separate ways to our tents, to fall asleep to the sound of the creek rushing by, a truly delightful sound.

Saturday morning began early, with a very argumentative crow announcing the first few rays of the sun peeping through the trees. He was well out of range for the throwing of rocks, shoes, or whatever else came to mind…so we were forced to get up and make breakfast. The gentle sounds of the creek were very restful for those who chose to set up near it, and comments were made that this was the best camping sleep some had ever had!

A pot of coffee on the fire, and we were ready to make breakfast (after the early morning forage for more wood, of course….). Eggs and bacon cooked over the fire are the most wonderful food in the world in the early morning light of the forest. Perhaps because it takes so long, and you have to sit there and watch it cook for so long….your mouth waters, your stomach grumbles…everything is good at a campfire!

Finally, all the chores were done, and the group split up for the day. A few people did the trail to Amicalola Falls, which now goes all the way around….a good trip, it seemed….others went mudding in the Jeep. Quite an interesting ride…over rocks and through rivers….driving by the High Shoals Church, in the middle of nowhere in the National Forest….what do they do there? We made up stories describing the rituals of the place….snakes and chanting were mentioned. Ah, perhaps better not to think too hard about all that!

Dinner was kebabs cooked over the open fire….seasoned chicken and beef, tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, onions and mushrooms served with hot corn on the cob cooked in the coals….yum!

Saturday night.... was quiet and dark. The fire was roaring, and the wind was blowing. We sat and talked, and had a drink or two and commented about how nice it was to be out of the city. What? Was that a rain drop? As some parted for the showers, others parted for their tents. A couple of us stayed up late telling stories in the night like kids at camp until the batteries ran out. The rain was light, and peaceful.

Morning came quick, for some, while others woke only to the preparation of breakfast. Our favorite was being prepared: sunny side-up eggs with a full order of bacon and several pieces of toast. What more could you ask for except maybe one last hike through the woods with a couple new friends.

Written By: By Todd Biggs
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