Sat, Mar 17 2012 - Raven Cliff Falls Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi
Participants:Kristi, jack black, Debra, Ewa, Silvia, Bill S, Danielle

Write Up:
And then there were seven.  Six of us headed up to Raven Cliff Falls, from Atlanta; Ewa met us at the trail head.  There was a light rain/heavy sprinkle as the seven of us started out on our hike, but it dissipated as we went along our way to the falls.  No one was concerned; we all put on our rain jackets for a while.  The water flow was loud, the creek letting itself be known, seeming to say, "Look at me!" and we did look a lot; it was a beautiful journey hiking along side. Pleasant temperature.  Once arriving at the falls, and after some picture taking, Jim and Debra decided the route to the top of the falls was too wet and slippery to make a safe ascent and descent.  So instead of lunching at the top of the falls, we lunched at the base; it was a bit wet, we didn't linger long, and headed back.  Lots of good conversation and sharing about food, health, organic farming amongst myself, Ewa, Sonia and Danielle.  Bill proved to have a wealth of information about our southeastern trails and rivers.  All in all a nice time spent along the beautiful Raven Cliff Falls trail. Look forward to seeing everyone again soon!  -Kristi