Sun, May 19 2002 - First Annual AOC Member Picnic (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:Rhonda Scheurer, Dean Gran, Katherine Martin, , Kendra Howe, Thomas Zoe, , Lewie H. Rosner, Marti S. Rosner, BANDIT (dog), , , Gyllian Christine Berg, Dawn Cain, , , , Darcy Chalfin, Jeff Asher, Darcy, Deidre Dowdy, , Steven Koonce, Peter Mortensen, Barry, Jay Grygo, Pat Pickwick, Ralph Pickwick, Robert Gilliam, Frances Gilliam, , Chris Jackson, Jason Robinson, Paul B. Dunio

Write Up:
It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect weather for a BBQ. A hungry horde of about 35 people sat about waiting for their meal, chatting and enjoying the early spring day in the shade of Young Deer Park’s pavilion. Hot dogs, hamburgers and She –Devil chicken were being grilled along side ears of corn and the tables were spread with a delectable array of side items and desserts. After chowing down their meal, the crowd adjourned to the grassy slopes to play. First off, the balloon toss, with several contestants bombing out early and a final nerve-wrenching battle of finesse between just two teams….a second game to settle scores then on to volleyball. Finally the eggs were brought out….and the contestants were off! Running with an egg balanced precariously on a plastic spoon is no small feat, don’t let those wily AOC folks tell you otherwise. A passing that self same egg onto your anxious and nervously awaiting teammate is none so easy either…. Finally, the egg games disintegrated into a violent egg-shattering “eggs”perience as a new game was made up on the spot. Throw your egg into the bucket and wait for that satisfying “squoosh”. This game was not as easy as was first thought, and there were far more “squooshed” eggs outside the bucket than inside…but as can be expected, the youngest heart in the crowd was the triumphant winner with over 7 eggs in the bucket (after many slightly outside the rules drops). Then, suddenly, as everyone was beginning to relax….the balloon wars began! Someone had snuck off and stocked up on ammunition! Miraculously, everyone survived, unhurt, and with the lowering sun behind us, our bedraggled happy crowd said their goodbyes and started out on the long drive back to Atlanta.
Written By: Katt Martin
Photos From: various