Sun, May 20 2012 - Springer Mountain Loop (Advanced hikers) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bob Bunner
Participants:Bob Bunner, Eva, Eric P, Arlene, Outithike

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Write Up:

We had fantastic weather, as promised, on our trek to Springer Mountain.  Thank you Arlene for setting the pace.  Eric, thanks for keeping Arlene company.  Eva, thank you for reminding us all that we should avoid flesh eating bacteria.  Hope your knees are heeling well.

We exceeded my expectations as the pace was pretty fast.  We still managed to stop long enough to enjoy lunch on top of Springer.  And, I think all of us enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that we felt at the Len Foote Inn.  Okay, maybe my legs were a little tired, but i could have hung out that evening on an adirondack chair while sitting on the porch.  Of course, most of my companions would have been in their seventies.

And don't forget the rattlesnake, that was spotted for us by a backpacker.  Not that the snake could have done much damage with his mouth full.  But I was sure glad Eva took over leading the hike at that point.

Here is a link to my pictures: