Sun, Jun 24 2012 - Stone Mountain Evening Hike - Top & Back. (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Tom Jarosz (Juh'rose)
Participants:Tom Jarosz (Juh'rose), Jennifer F., Joyce T., Debra, David DeLorme, Reggie H, Marlana Hairston, John Weatherman, Sheila C, Sunae, Naveen Chawla, Jane T, Steven Koonce, Kathryn, Libby G, Tracey L, Gary Babiarz, Ayo, Stan, Bill Xu, Jerry Martin, Neal, Bob J

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Write Up:

It's easy to understand why Tom enjoys these sunset hikes up to the Stone Mountain summit.  The large group enables great conversations among both friends and newcomers. And the reward of a beautiful sunset is always exciting.  We almost gave up on the sun showing itself to us, but it didn't disappoint.  Thanks to everyone for a truly enjoyable evening.