Sun, Aug 18 2002 - Georgia Orienteering Competition – Score-O (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Todd Biggs
Participants:Todd Biggs, , Robert Gilliam, Robert Gilliam, Frances Gilliam, Susan Cooper

Write Up:
To everyone that participated in the GA Orienteering event: Susan, Nicole, Rob - Thanks! It was an interesting experience and can be fun to those who dont know how to read a map and compass to those that do. To give you an idea what orienteering is: it is finding hidden orange and white colored flags in the woods, in the fields, next to lakes or along trails. The only information you are given at the start is a local map outlining the area and a compass.

Beginners to orienteering did Loops 1-3. These were truly easy. We did not use the compass, but did use the map that they gave us. Our expertise had all of the markers found in less than 60 minutes. Not too shabby for the AOC.

A couple of us stuck around to do the treach find all the markers. Although this was like a vigorous hike with some checkpoints, we definitely learned how to read a map, orient it and use a compass. Goal accomplished!

In the end, no matter who organizes an event or participates in it, it is always a good idea to bring a bottle of water and a first aid kit for yourself. You never know when accidents can happen.

Take care and hope to see you participate in the next Orienteering event.
Written By: Todd Biggs
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