Sat, Nov 16 2002 - Fall Backpacking through the Ellicott Rock backcountry (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Robert Morris
Participants:Robert Morris, Joseph Donovan, Manuela M. Lopez, Udo Licht, Jessie Tsou, Christopher W. Barrigar, Dana Raines, Michele Olive, Robert Morris

Write Up:
In March 2002, the Soggy Bottom Gang said that a colder and wetter backpacking trip wasn’t possible. Not to be outdone, the Fall backpacking trip was scheduled for a cold, rainy November weekend. Originally planned for Ellicott Rock Wilderness, we changed the location to the Cohutta Wilderness to avoid the heaviest rain. Our group, which included Joe Donovan, Jessie Tsou, Dana Raines, Manuela Lopez, Robert Morris, and Udo “does that mean crazy” Licht, left on Saturday morning for the Cohuttas. At the trailhead, we unpacked in a light drizzle and a 45 degree temperature. We all headed down the Tearbritches trail towards the Conasauga River where we found a nice spot to stop and setup camp. While setting up our tents, Jessie found a better spot for camping, and convinced Manuela and Dana to move their tent. With Panther Creek falls near by, we decided to make a day hike, but were stopped by a now very high (lots of rain) Conasauga River. Robert waded in halfway before the group decided to look for other plans. Luckily, Udo brought his GPS, so we spent the afternoon learning to use it. When we awoke the next day, the temperature had dropped, and the rain turned to snow. We spent the morning climbing out of the valley back to the cars. Overnight, the rain soaked forest had turned into a beautiful snow and frost-covered wonderland. Hope to see everyone on our next backpacking trip.
Written By: Robert Morris
Photos From: Robert Morris