Sun, Sep 9 2012 - Blood Mountain Loop Day Hike with Swim (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi
Participants:Kristi, Michael Johnson, DeAnna, Debbie H, Bill, Dan A, Amy, John L, Ashley C, Margie

Write Up:

Great weather for a great hike with ten people and two pups.  The sky was so clear we could see the Atlanta skyline from the top of Blood Mountain.  The "lunch rock" had a lot of activity, probably the most people (and dogs) that I've seen on that rock at once, eating, photographing, talking.  Fun atmosphere.  Most of the hiking was just the group trekking through the woods encountering just a couple of people from time to time, so we had our quiet time as well.  Two of us concluded the hike with a swim in Lake Winfield Scot, some waded along the beach, and the dogs ran around in the sand; the swim was invigorating.  It will likely be the last of the swimming there until next year.  Margie, (first AOC event for her) who works with a trekking/mapping company "ViewRanger," provided this link to the route and some photos of us.  --Kristi