Sat, Oct 27 2012 - Whiteside Mountain + Scaly Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Dorothea, Ofelia
Participants:Dorothea, Ofelia, Gordon Stephenson, Michael Richter, Allan

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Write Up:

Despite the weatherman's best attempts to discourage us, we went anyway and had good weather, not burning blue skies, it is true, but a constantly changing cloudscape with a wan sun. The views were good, showing the characteristic blue on receding blue ridges. Our expedition to Devil's Courthouse became an adventure. The leader was confused and couldn't remember which of the many rabbit trails led to our destination, so we tried them all, until the last one proved to be the right one. Our reward was lunch on our very own private lookout. Then on to the Bartram Trail and more lookouts. We voted on whether to hike until sundown or have supper in Clayton...

Ofelia's Comments - the expedition to the Devil's Courthouse through the many rabbit trails was a true joyous adventure.