Sat, Jan 12 2013 - No Excuses Hike: Big Creek Park--Roswell Greenway (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Thomas W.
Participants:Thomas W., Pepsi L, Susan P, Joyce T., Lyle

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Write Up:

*** This was scheduled as a D1 (4 mile) hike;  however, due to a wrong choice of trails, we ultimately went 5.5 miles, and picked up the pace rather dramatically for the last half hour of the hike.  Due to this unplanned change in the itinerary, I have made the rating for this event a D2.

The five of us on the hike had a very nice afternoon, and there were no complaints about the added mileage or time.  Everyone was a good sport.  We were happy to welcome Susan P. to the AOC.  It was her first event today, and she was definitely up for the added length of the hike.

Interestingly, we walked from Roswell to Alpharetta this afternoon!  And it was truly a summer-like day.