Sat, Sep 29 2007 - Mt. Sterling Backpacking Trip (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Bob Bunner
Participants:Bob Bunner, Michael Johnson, Kristi, Rob Williams, Woody, Jon Miner, Rob Garner, Gary Hubert

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Write Up:
Wow! We had an awesome backpacking weekend. The ascent of Mt. Sterling is as challenging as any 6 mile hike you'll ever find and everybody made it. The weather was probably around 70 at 5800 feet in the afternoon and dropped pretty quickly when the sun went down. Speaking of sunsets, nothing like it from atop the fire tower. We celebrated Rob Williams' 29th birthday (again) with a card, some snacks and various forms of hooch that people brought. During the night, some of us were kept up by the moon light (is it morning already?), gophers burrowing up their ass, or the wind howling above the trees. And then the next morning, the sun exploded over the horizon, warming things up, but never making us uncomfortable. After we hiked down and some of us took baths, we were off to Asheville and a beer pub that also had good pizza. It was quite a weekend!