Mon, Mar 4 2013 - A Beginner’s Hike at Murphy Candler Park Nature Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Libby G
Participants:Libby G, Sue M., Merrilee H, Bobby Marie, Marianna, Ron Nichols, Sharon H

Write Up:
Welcome to "first-timer" Marianna who did the hiker like a pro. Our group of 7 went around the trail twice at a slow but steady pace. Bobby could only give the hike a "one thumb up" since one arm was in a sling, having just had shoulder surgery a week ago. Merrilee brought her precious dog, Mik, who did a great job of leading the group a few times. This trail is a good beginner's track and tonight's group was most enjoyable. Thank you fellow hikers...Sue, Sharon, Ron, Bobby, Merrilee and Marianna.