Mon, Mar 11 2013 - "OGIM!" (Oh Gosh It’s Monday!) Jones Bridge Hike (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike Pawloski
Participants:Mike Pawloski, john everly, Sherri C, Marianna, Kathryn B, Merrilee H, sdleath

Write Up:

Mother Nature presented us with a steady rain when seven of us convened at the parking lot at the Jones Bridge Unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA) in Johns Creek.  Thankfully the temperature was a mild 63 degrees and the wind was negligible.  Despite the rain, our group was determined and enthusiastic about our hike, and we set off.  We had five dogs along - Tucker, Mik, Ivy, Gibson, and Cedar - and they didn't seem to mind the rain.  Mik enjoyed a free ride this day safely and warmly bundled in the arms of her owner Merrilee.  Mik was also the best dressed, sporting a flashy pink rain slicker!

We puddle-jumped and side-stepped our way along the trail, parallel with the 'hooche.  After veering into the woods, the rain seemed to lighten up.  Perhaps it was just obscured by the trees overhead.  A normally dry creek bed along a low, unnamed ridge was flowing freely today, engorged by the showers.

Our path took us to a pond, where we stopped for a moment to throw some sticks.  The Labs Gibson and Cedar eagerly swam after them and in true retriever fashion brought them back.

Just past the pond John tossed a stick and Tucker, the Border Collie, brought back a big tree limb!  John made note that Tucker was good at gathering fire-wood and it's hard to argue the point after that demonstration!  Tucker is welcome on all future backpacking trips!!

Onward we continued to a clearing which in good weather is a nice rest spot.  On this day, however, we didn't linger too long and picked up the path on the other side.

We crossed a couple of short bridges and arrived at a little park.  Here, we took a few minutes to enjoy the river and share some camaraderie and fellowship.

The path back started us along the river, and we were fortunate to see a few deer bounding about in the woods.  As we continued the trail took us away from the river and up a hill, which was our steepest climb of the day.  At the top, we continued, the woods were eerily quiet.  The surrounding forest and trees upon which a few leaves lingered gave the unusual ambiance of an almost Autumn like setting.

Once past the boat launch we knew our journey was nearly complete.  Back at the trail head, Ivy, another of our little four-legged friends, gave a look like "that's it?"  Seemed as if Ivy was just warming up!

We dried off as best we could, and said our good-bye's. 

I want to extend a heart-felt "thank-you" to all who attended.  You made my first solo lead a fun and memorable event and I look forward to sharing more events together.