Tue, Apr 23 2013 - Vickery Creek *National Park Week* (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lauren, John Stirman
Participants:Lauren, John Stirman, Wayne A, Elon, DonW, Frances, Toni, Trena, Bill Lohmeyer, Marianna, Nereida, Beth Ash, Lemmy

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Write Up:

     Lauren really came up with an awesome idea for her “National Park Week” hikes!  The park was new for some of us but all thirteen AOC hikers had a blast as we… scrambled along the side of a cliff, took in the falls, and enjoyed briefly watching a herd of deer. We had fun - all while enjoying the beautiful green of a forest in the spring.  We’ll have to schedule a future return trip just to take in the wild Magnolia tree that is soon to bloom.  As an added bonus, we learned that Toni’s impersonation of Lemmy’s German accent is even better than Lemmy can do it!  What a nice way to spend an early evening… with friends, old and new, at Vickery Creek!