Thu, Jun 13 2013 - Sapelo Island - Cabretta Pioneer Camping Trip (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Kristi, Michael Johnson
Participants:Michael Johnson, Kristi, Michele Troso, Lee Wilschek, Lorri, Laura, Robert Tallent, John V, Celina, Beth Ash, Kristie, Niki, Julie Peters, Steven Peters, Lisa Maldonado, Victor, Pam Geiger, Lucy

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Write Up:

We got very lucky with the weather down on Cabretta Island nestled within the folds of Sapelo. The first night was a bit hot setting up camp, with the threat of thunderstorms approaching, but they went around us. We could see the lightning flashing in the distance, thinking our turn next, but it never came. Even after a nice long night soak in the ocean with the plankton, it was hot back in the tent, and took awhile to find sleep.

The next morning was absolutely beautiful as we started to realize that no storm was going to ravish the island. Everyone slipped into island time, and began doing their own thing, and since the ocean was only a short walk down a sandy road among the live oaks, most gradually started heading that way after breakfast.

Wandering around those sandbars, with a gentle breeze, mixed with swimming and walking down the beach was about the quickest way to relax, as the sound of the ocean, the cry of the sea gulls, and the smell of the ocean surrounded us.

The weather cooled down to the mid-80's for highs, and low 70's at night as a cool front moved in pushing the warmer moist air out. I was so thankful for our good fortune on this weather. I was expecting bugs, due to all the recent rain, but they were not a problem. I never once even had to use any insecticide, with not one bug bite.

I later heard from a friend who was on an island just north of us, that the bugs were very nasty where she was, on the very same weekend, so I was again astonished with our timing and luck.

When I first found out we now had camp hosts, I was dissapointed, but our camp hosts actually made our experience better. They were not only accomodating, but very fun, and helpful. They took most of the group down to Reynold's Mansion, since that opportunity was missed with the 3 or 4 hour tour of the island with J.R. on Saturday.

The camp site itself was much improved since I was last there about 5 yrs ago. With the bath house changes, the new pavillion, the new grills, new picnic tables, and fixes to the Adirondack Shelter, our experience was much more comfortable.

Many of us, you know who you are, spent endless hours in the ocean, both day and night, making the Sapelo Island experience something different than any of my other adventures. There is absolutely no substitute for soaking in that life enriched warm ocean, with the glowing plankton at night. I feel my whole body charged with new energy that comes from immersing in the warm waters off this coast. In equal parts, it seems to extract the bad, and insert the good. As long as you stay well hydrated, and don't get over exposed in the sun, it's all good.

Thanks to everyone for joining Kristi and me on this wonderful trip, and hope you've made the adjustment back to city life by now. It was tough for me to go from island time back to the city grind, so figured many of you felt the same. It was a great group, and I hope that each and every one of you enjoyed yourselfs as much as we did.


I've added Lorri's pictures to the link above, who captured the essence of this beautiful island perfectly, so thank you Lorri for sharing.

If anyone else has photo's they want to share, send me the link and I'll throw in a link here as well.


Michael J.

Some photos from Kristi: