Sat, Jun 1 2013 - Blood Mountain Hike - for Those New to the Mountains! With an added BONUS (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): John Stirman, Chad C
Participants:Chad C, Elizabeth B., Bill P., Joyce B., John Stirman, Raghav, Kevin, Deb H, Brian W, DeAnna, David Duffey, Atul Agarwal

Write Up:

We took to the mountains to conquer Blood Mountain with 12 'Happy Hikers'.  The group traversed the Byron Reece, Freeman and Appalachain Trails to summit Blood Mountain, and though the weather gave us mor mist than view, everyone seemed to enjoy both the pace and the awakening landscape around us.

John Stirman and I led the hike and were fortunate to have a good mix of hikers that allowed for a nice moderate pace and enough breaks for everyone to come back together and have just a few moments of social time before the next leg.  We also adopted Odin, the handsome husky that accompanied us along the way.

It was an incredible hike followed by a trip down to Walasi-Yi (Neel's Gap) and Mountain's Crossing.

Afterwards we took everyone to our new favorite place in Dahlonega, Pueblo's Mexican Restaurant.