Sun, Aug 11 2013 - Desoto Falls Mountain Biking and Swim (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Isa, Charles W
Participants:Isa, Charles W, Matthew Ballard, Mike Cotti

Write Up:

What an amazing day! The biking was so much fun and despite the cobwebs I kept riding through, the singletracks were fun and challenging. We didn't encounter another rider so it felt as if the park was all ours. After the ride we headed to Lodge falls which sits behind the Desoto motel. A great feature of this waterfalls is that you can walk behind it and capture some cool pictures. After that we headed to the major falls which is about 2 miles outside the park. Worth the quick drive though, this was the finale of the trip. Not only did we bike for 10+ miles, we ended up hiking and climbing down a steep slope to the very bottom of the main falls. We dipped into the refreshing pool and swam underneath the powerful yet intoxicating rush of water, an experience everyone should have. Thank you to Mike who was eager enough to explore the possibility. Thank you to Charles who was chivalrous in keeping me steady in the rushing waters and to being our driver. Thank you to Matthew who hoisted us up the slick rocks with ease. And thank you to AOC which provided a great outlet for these events to take place. Until the next Adventure...Isa