Mon, Jul 15 2013 - Twinkie and a Sunset - Vickery Creek with a twinkie (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Lauren, Trena
Participants:Lauren, Trena, Tom N, Shirley N, Chris L, Lee Wilschek, Tim W, Andrea Nunn, Christine, Frances, Sharon Baldwin, Lisa W, Niv H., bart hickman, Dustin

Write Up:

The hostesses with the mostestess had a great group of friends out last night on our hike to celebrate the return of Twinkies. The TL's promise was to burn 150 calories (negate the Twinkie) and hike through the sunset. We delivered with a beautiful sunset and then a beautiful creamy spongecake. HA!

Both Trena and Chris were able to score Twinkies so there were plenty to go around after our hike.


Peace, Love and Twinkies,


Lauren and Trena