Sat, Aug 24 2013 - Saturday Morning at Pine Log Creek Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): John Stirman, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Mark W, Sherrie, Saad, SherBell, John Stirman, Aaron Lee, Robin G., CatherineB

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Write Up:

What an interesting few hours at Pine Log Creek today!  We were no more than 10 minutes into the hike when we hear loud child-like screams up ahead.  It turns out that a huge group of cub scouts (cute little boys) with accompanying adults stirred up a hornet nest on the trail resulting in swarms of hornets stinging everyone in sight.  The trail was impassible, and it's the only way into the area.  So we bushwhacked through the woods, making a wide circle around the infested area.  The rest of the hike was equally as exciting, but in a different way.  We saw numerous mushrooms; a rarely seen tunnel- spider web with the tunnel-spider insiide awaiting a victim; beautiful scenery; and of course, the breathtakingly beautiful quarry pond.  John climbed the huge rocks for a photo, followed by Catherine, Joyce, Aaron, and Mark.  The others chose to watch.  On our way back to the main trail, Catherine let out a blood-curdling scream.  I knew what that meant:  a snake!  Sure enough, she had almost stepped on a large copperhead making its way through the brush.  We spent so much time at the quarry and looking at interesting things along the trail that we had to forego lunch at SWheat.  We saved that treat for another day.