Sat, Jun 28 2003 - Beginner Rapids Canoeing (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Chad Carlson
Participants:Katherine Martin, , Udo Licht, , Christopher W. Barrigar, Amy Rampley, Joe Donovan, Chad Carlson, John Weber, Chris Jackson, Sonal R. Doshi, Frederick Choi, Heather Scheiderer, Steven K, Diana Travelute, Silke Schmidt, Scott Talsma, Shelby Smith, Kim Diehl, Robin Pedersen, Michael Aubertine, Mark Kunze, Mark Craig, Jennifer Stacy, Jeannemarie Aubertine, Daniel Eskridge, Eric Bodelson, Brian Dyndur, Imani odelia, Colin Patrick, Claudia Teste, Jeff Chang, Nita c , Dishina Davis, Barry,

Write Up:
Under a gray cloud cover, we gathered at the carpool early Saturday morning, and hoped that it would not be raining at the Broad River Outfitters. Of course, an hour or so later when we arrived at the outfitters, a light rain was falling. As we milled about and checked in with the outfitter, the rain let up. (submitted by Olen Daelhousen) It rained all the way to the Outpost, but when we arrived the skies cleared. It turned out to be a perfect day to spend 4 hours on the river. It was somewhat challenging to herd 35 people into the water, but as usual, Broad River Outpost helped out a ton. They are awesome! And still only $15. A big shout out to Katt Martin who voulunteered to ride in a canoe after two people lost their paddles (thanks to all those who contributed to the lost oar fund.) Some of us got a little carried away at the falls, going down 3 and 4 times! Afterwards, about 8 of us stopped to eat at The Grit in Athens for some hearty vegetarian (boo-hoo to those who were scared off by the word vegetarian). We were pleased to have one of the biggest turn-outs yet for AOC. Thank you for coming! (submitted by Chad Carlson) After choosing keowees, sit-on-tops, or canoes, we received brief instructions and PFDs from the outfitter. Next, we slid down the moderately large hill in the boats. Once on the water, we paddled through a very mellow flat-water section of the Broad River. Eventually we came to some rapids, which were not very challenging. Roughly halfway down the river, we paused briefly to eat lunch and then continued on. We paddled through several more easy rapids and came upon the 5-foot waterfall. Without a doubt, that was the highlight of the trip. Several people went over the waterfall multiple times. Between lunch and the waterfall, the clouds started to clear and the sun came out. After the waterfall, there were a few more rapids and then we reached the put out point. Some of the group headed south to Athens to grab dinner, while the rest of us headed back to Atlanta after a mellow day on the water.
Written By: Olen Daelhousen and Chad Carlson
Photos From: various