Sat, Oct 26 2013 - Splendid Sawnee - - A Hike up the Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Joyce T., Jerry K
Participants:Joyce T., Jerry K, Mary Madden, Vicki Williams, Beth Ash, Toni, Dan E, Deb R, Suzanne, Tim W, Connie, Tracy, Linda M, Janice

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Write Up:

What a fine group we had today on our late morning hike at Sawnee Mountain.  I'm so proud of Jerry for the fine job he did in fulfilling his co-lead requirement in becoming an AOC trip leader.  He'll be excellent.  Folks were so wonderfully cooperative for my camera with some excellent photos as a result.  Jerry chose Chepe's as a lunch spot after the hike:  an excellent choice!  Check out the food pictures to see for yourself. ~ Joyce