Sun, Dec 29 2013 - Chinnabee Including Devils Den (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): John Stirman, Joyce T.
Participants:John Stirman, Divya N, Windsor S, Joyce T., Ramesh

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Write Up:

     John called it right on the weather for this hike.  He promised that the rains would be gone by the time the hike started, and it came to pass.  We had fog for a short time, but it soon burned off,  and we had perfect photo weather for the entire hike.  Not a drop of rain!  

     The hike was not as planned due to the engorged creek, but we were all open to venturing to unplanned territory, which proved to provide an absolutely amazing trek with  beautiful waterfalls, awesome rock formations and cliffs, fascinating vegetation,  rock scrambling,  and wonderful trails.  Our group of five (sadly, the rainy weather on Saturday and Saturday night scared folks away) had an awe-inspiring day, and picture taking was non-stop.  We hiked over 4 miles instead of the planned 8, but promised each other to return in drier weather so that we could complete the Chinnabee Silent Trail on the other side of the creek.

     As planned, we stopped at Johnny’s Pizza when we got back to the carpool, a really perfect place to appease our hearty appetites.   John’s wife, Dana, joined us, and we all  satisfied our hunger with an assortment of delicious Italian dishes. ~ Joyce