Sun, Feb 9 2014 - Mega 20K (12.4 miles) AOC Hike at Columns aka Cochran Shoals to Sope Creek Hike - Starting at Columns Drive (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Libby G, Joyce T.
Participants:Libby G, Joyce T., Beth Ash, Toni, lakshmy, Carm H, Carolyn Naser, Deb R, Diane, Tatiana, Marion

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Write Up:

An indomitable group of 11 ladies commanded the trails for the 20K hike today at Cochran Shoals. Had we been able to find a football last week, I'm sure we could have been an awesome football team to present a challenge to the Seahawks - - something Denver failed to do! We rocked it!  After Libby's neckbreaking pace on the first 6.2 miles (finishing in 1:38), we relaxed for lunch on blankets, fueling up for the sister 6.2 mile challenge.  The second hike (led by Joyce) was slower, but it was by no means a leisurely hike.  We knocked out this one in 1:59. All 11 ladies hung together for both hikes and ended strong.  Guess the guys just whiimped out on this event!