Sat, Mar 1 2014 - Backpacking Panthertown Valley (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Mike Pawloski, Michael Johnson, Todd M
Participants:Todd M, Michael Johnson, Mike Pawloski, Scott Kozlowski, Kristi, Bill, ron a, Amy, Kevin, Joe Connell, john everly, Sarah Y, Niki

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Write Up:

Panthertown Beach

Mike P, John and Joe went to the Valley Friday to establish camp. When the rest of us wandered into camp Saturday morning we were pleasantly surprised to see a camp fire and a big pile of wood. Well, perhaps not such a big surprise that we would find Mike Pawloski with a saw in his hand. Thanks guys!

After leisurely setting up our tents we all began huddling around Michael Johnson to see where he would take us for a hike, as he is widely known as the Panthertown guru. The entire group opted to go, and we wound up seeing several amazing falls. As MJ would describe it: "led us down what appeared to be an animal trail, ducking and weaving through the rhododendron's and thorns, finding hidden waterfalls, fed with crystal clear mountain water, sheltered deep within the forest valley". We took a break on the Little Green Mountain overlook, with an awe inspiring view of the valley.

After the hike everyone gathered at the sand bar for 'happy hour'. We made friends with a couple of guys who were camping there, Kristi acting as ambassador.
Once the sun started going down we were reminded that we were not on a tropical beach, and started filtering back to the warmth of the campfire at camp. People shared treats, and Sarah grilled lamb chops for everyone. Yum! After a while Scott pulled out a guitar, me a harmonica, and we jammed with Kevin providing lyrics.

Sunday Michael took us on another short hike to Warden Falls before humping our packs up and out of the valley. We met at the Spotted Pig for lunch before heading home.

Thanks to Mike J, Mike P for helping to make this awesome trip happen. Thanks to Kristi for photos (be sure to visit the link).
Thanks to everyone for coming.