Sat, Feb 15 2014 - Siler Bald On The Applachian Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Todd M
Participants:Todd M, Kevin, Mark P, Rachel, Kristi, Bill, Clay White, Mark W

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Write Up:

Siler BaldSiler Bald

As the day of the event approached, reports of impending inclement weather (on top of the recent snowmageddon) caused some concern about whether we could pull this off. However everyone seemed to be up to going forward with this adventure. Reports of a foot of snow seemed like an exciting challenge. Winding Stair Gap or bust!

The drive up presented no challenges, much to our relief. After donning gaiters we headed out onto the snow covered trail.
The snow was brilliant in the bright sun with a gorgeous deep blue sky.
Bill broke trail much of the way, as the snow grew deeper the further up the mountain we went.
Nearer the top were much deeper wind blown snow drifts which of us delighted in sinking up to our thighs.
After reaching the summit we reveled at the view around us, snow covered mountains as far as the eye could see.
Since it was later than planned we soon started back, as we didn't want to get caught on the trail after sundown.

We made it back to the cars without incident.. with thoughts of whether we would see snow again this year. Food began to dominate our thoughts, so we decided on Mexican in Clayton.
While dining on fine latino fare, the camaraderie and retelling of adventures past topped off what was sure to be a very memorable experience.

Many thanks to Kristi and Clay for lending their vast experience to help make this happen.
Thanks to Bill and Kristi for driving and the photos.
Thanks to all for being there.

Siler BaldSiler

Trail note: Actual hike distance was about 10 miles, whereas it is often listed as 9