Sat, Mar 1 2014 - Stone Mountain - Cherokee Trail (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Libby G, Joyce T.
Participants:Libby G, Joyce T., Tara, Jorge, Deb R, Toni, Carm H, Beth Ash, Pam Geiger, Carolyn Naser, Russ, Jim P

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Write Up:

The setting was perfect for our Cherokee Trail hike at Stone Mountain.  The air was cool and clear, and the lake water glass-like in its stillness.  Libby and Joyce took turns leading the group, keeping the pace fast throughout the hike.  We circumnativated the mountain in 1 hour and 45 minutes, including a restroom break at the mill and a couple of water stops along the way. We had a brand new AOC member with us - - Russ - - who met the challenge of the rigorous pace quite well.  Poor Graham was trying out some new boots and soon had blisters on both heels - - but he persevered and completed the hike without a tear. Jorge was new to the club, too, with only one former hike on record. He never broke a sweat during the hike! He's certainly going to quickly be a D5 hiker!

Beth introducted her sister Pam to the group, and she immediately became a comfortable friend to all of us.  We hope to see more of her when she's in town again!

We passed Lemmy's group as we began our hike, but our pace was faster than theirs and we never saw them again.  We hope that group enjoyed their hike as much as we loved ours.