Sun, May 11 2003 - Beginner Mountain Biking (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): No Coordinators Found
Participants:karen gennuso, Pamela Larimer, Laura Berger, Kimberly Eldridge, Robin Mladinich, Kitty Wickes, Lori A. Nix, Barbara Mooney, Lisa Stephens, Kang Wang, Debbie Degner, Robert Morris, Chad Carlson, Michael Boni, Gene Whitehead, Colin Patrick`, Heather Scheiderer

Write Up:
After two rained out attempts at mountain biking events, the weather finally cooperated. There was a gray and menacing cloud cover, however several hardy souls still met at the carpool. We collected the rest of our group at the trailhead, set up our bikes, and set off on the Outer Loop. It quickly became apparent that the fearless leader was ridiculously out of shape, so he valiantly volunteered to take up the rear, in case anyone fell behind or suffered from mechanical troubles. Roughly three quarters of the way through the trip, Robin and Olen made a stop to rescue an injured raccoon with a broken leg, most likely caused by careless mountain bikers. After the daring rescue, the previously mentioned menacing cloud cover unleashed a soaking rainstorm. Soaking wet, we finished the adventure and returned to the parking lot. Mercifully, the rain let up and we were able to pack up without getting any wetter. However, instead of packing up, a few crazy characters took on the Lake Loop, which is shorter than the Outer Loop, but much more technical.
Written By: Olen Daelhousen
Photos From: none