Sat, Mar 22 2014 - Afternoon Fast Hike at Island Ford (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Libby G, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., Libby G, Toni, Beth Ash, Carolyn Naser, Tracy, Michael M, Deb R, Suzanne, Paulina P, Isaac M, SusanF

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Write Up:

One of the trip leaders (Okay - - I confess) got her signals crossed and went to Cochran Shoals for the hike instead of Island Ford!  I was alerted to my error before the hike, but was 5 minutes late getting to the correct trail head.  The folks we so forgiving - - though they did try to put a scare into me by hiding as I arrived!  All good fun.  We welcomed two newbies to the AOC - - Isaac and Paulina - - who kept up beautifully on this fast-paced hike.  We covered 5.5 miles in less than 1:45, inccluding a stop at the Visitor's Center - - quite a nice workout! And the Stairway to Heaven was a nice little challenging addition.  ~  Joyce