Sat, Mar 22 2014 - Bouldering Hike along the Metro Hooch meeting by Ray’s on the River (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham, Mark
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, Greg Walling, Mary Madden, Jennifer Miles, Ron Walker, Clay White, ruthie, Mark

Write Up:


We had a ball together exploring the ruggedly beautiful CRNRA East Palisades river shoreline and practicing our rock climbing and bushwhacking skills along the way.  The mid-70s sunshine was much appreciated and we were tempted to do some diving and swimming at the famous "Jumping Rock" where we encountered a dozen adventurous high school girls doing just that despite the chilly water.  Springtime was "bustin' out all over" and we enjoyed the brilliant blossoms of serviceberry, trillium, rue anemone, violets, bluets - also purple-blossomed redbud trees and maples in full early spring color.
Thanks to Mark for taking the lead on our more inland second half of the hike during which we visited gorgeous seldom-seen parts of the park that he knows so well.  We went deep inside a craggy cave high above the river where the temperature was a full 10 degrees cooler than the outside air.  After summiting the highest overlook in the park we returned back down toward the river via Cabin Creek with its profusion of yellow-blooming violets with bright green arrow-shaped leaves.
Our final descent back westward to the river was via the northernmost high ridge of the East Palisades where we explored the gorgeous yard of a long-abandoned old stone home that is now owned by the Park Service.  During our steep bushwhacking descent from the homestead Clay had a "too-close-for-comfort" encounter with a young rattlesnake that was vigorously shaking its rattle.
We plan to offer more variations on this riverside "scramble" in the future since everyone enjoyed it so much and managed to stay safe despite the usual few scrapes and bruises.
As we ended the hike
the outdoor "hot-spot" bar was in full view at the famous "Riverbend" complex across the river.  Several of us decided to caravan there to chillax with a round of drinks, to but due to a traffic jam at its entrance gate on Akers Mill Rd we decided to have dinner instead at the adjoining "Heirloom Market BBQ."  Greg, Mark, Clay, Mary and I hung out together on the restaurant's rustic deck and pigged out on the mouthwatering brisket, pulled pork and delicious side dishes. 

Thanks to Jennifer who sent us the above nice shot of us atop the Jumping Rock and to Greg who assisted with our sharing it!
- Charlie, Sunday AM Mar 23