Sun, May 18 2003 - 2nd Annual Spring Picnic (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Katherine Martin
Participants:Katherine Martin, John Weber, Chris Jackson, , Kathy DeLong, Regina L. Ramsey, Anuj Girdhar, Paige Shee, , , Dawnmarie Hill, Eric Hollins, cynthia roach, steve preston, Angela Gorecki, Chad Carlson, , Michael Aubertine, Michelle Lowe, Melinda Grest, , Dawn Piercy, Michael Boni, Kang Wang, Jennifer Stacy, , Susan Murphy, Brian Sheehy, Udo Licht, Phil 'Foz' Parkerson, Mark Kunze, Robert Morris

Write Up:
The picnic went well, although it was didnt rain on us until around 5:00pm and after the rain, which was fairly short-lived, the sun had the temerity to come out!!!! But of course by that time most everyone had started to pack up and go home....oh well.... The best part was seeing all these adults slowly lose their self-consciousness and become kids again, as we hit the pinata, unwound in the human knot and played Red Rover....all childrens games, but just as fun for us as adults, it appeared! We had about 32 people show up, though....a good turn out, considering the weather! We missed you all.... Hopefully well have better luck with the weather for the Fall picnic!!!!!! See you soon!
Written By: Katt Martin
Photos From: various