Sun, Apr 6 2014 - Sunday at Serenbe (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): John Stirman, Joyce T.
Participants:Joyce T., John Stirman, Marianna, Lee Wilschek, James H.

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Write Up:

Serenbe is awakening to springtime! Before the hike even began, our group of  five were treated to the sight of a piliated woodpecker not far from our cars.  From there, we hiked over 9 miles,  enjoying beautiful plantlife  such as trifoliate orange (dangerously thorny bushes,  but beautiful now with their white blossoms),  and numerous other blossoming plants that sadly, we were not able to name. We did recognize poison ivy vines, however - - the largest we have ever seen! In a few weeks, those fuzzy vines will be full of beautiful three-leafed greenery , beautiful to see, but oh, so dangerous to touch!  We also encountered a hawk, mole tunnels, and scenes so beautiful, they could be the subjects of landscape paintings.


We hiked through the town of Serenbe, stopping for a King of Pops popsicle before continuing our trek.   Though our hike began in drizzly rain, the skies soon brightened and left us with perfect hiking weather!  Only after we finished our early afternoon lunch at The Blue Daisy did the rains return. We had altered the plan of the hike to accommodate the weather report, and the plan was perfect!  By completing the entire hike before lunch, we escaped the returning showers. 


Serenbe will be even more beautiful as the plants and trees continue to display their colorful blossoms.  A future hike there is one you mustn’t miss! ~ Joyce