Sat, Apr 19 2003 - Hike at Ravens Cliff Falls (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Carissa Bowman
Participants:Carissa Bowman, Bill Donges, Anuj Girdhar, Giliani Rivera, Udo Licht, Claudia Testa, Regina L. Ramsey, Sonal R. Doshi, Susan Cooper, Gicelle Souza

Write Up:
We had about 8 people go (and my dog), and the weather was pretty awesome so everyone had a great time. It was a good hike, you should try it sometime if youve never done it. There are some pictures up on the AOC Yahoo Pics web page if youd like to see them. The link to the pictures page is :
Written By: Anuj
Photos From: Anuj