Thu, May 15 2014 - Joyce Kilmer Wilderness: Stratton Bald and Hangover from the Swan Cabin (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Charlie Cottingham
Participants:Charlie Cottingham, David Duffey

Write Up:

Hail, sleet, snow, lightning and thunder in late May in the south!?  Believe it or not that's what we actually got to experience during this event, and the ground was actually covered in white for awhile!  Despite Mother Nature's big surprise we had a good time and were glad that we got this event in despite a few changes in plans.  As a change of pace we decided to pass on Strattton Bald and hike to the gorgeous upper part of the adjoiining Snowbird Wilderness instead, accessible via the "Big Junction" trailhead of the Cherohala Skyway.
  Here is David's link to his nice photos: