Sat, May 10 2014 - 10K Hike (6.2 miles Hike - Not a Run) at Columns aka Cochran Shoals to Sope Creek Hike - Starting at Columns Drive (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Libby G
Participants:Libby G, Deb R, Beth Ash, Tracy, Claudia, Mary M

Write Up:

People signed up for this hike...14, then 12, then 10, then 9, 8, 7, and finally 6.  People paid attention to The Weather Channel and thought it was going to rain on our hike so the cancellations started mid-day.  Well, those weather people were 95% wrong.  While it did sprinkle for a short period (5% of our hike), the other part was awesome.  Cool temperature, no crowds, only 2 bikers, 2 runners, and thus we owned the trail.  Welcome to Mary who made her debute hike with the AOC.  No beginner because she does half marathons and marathons.  The group of 6 kept pace with one another and we remained a tight group during the hike.  We headed to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner afterwards and continued our conversations about all things hiking and running.  Beth and Deb earned 2 free dessserts replenishing the calories we just burned.  A great Saturday evening.  Thanks everyone!