Sat, Jul 19 2014 - AOC Annual Picnic 2014 (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Billy Gewin, Charlie Cottingham, Jennifer Howle, Larry Cooper, Laura V, Michelle Spence, Paula Schubert
Participants:Michelle Spence, Laura V, Jennifer Howle, Greg Walling, Steve F, Mike S, Michael Chandler, Ryan Graham, Charles D, Silvia, Kevin, Deb R, Jim, Carolyn Naser, Allston, Clément Desaulniers, Larry Cooper, Paula Schubert, Jay, Dan E, John Stirman, Ayo, Mark F, Joyce T., Charlie Cottingham, Dee, Toni L, Nathan Johansen, Che, Sophie, Matthew Ballard, Laura C, Lina, Tom N, Shirley N, Jaime, Heidi W., Thomas W., Dave R, Diane, Jenelle, Chad C, Denise Millon, Jennifer S, Steven Koonce, Carolyn K, Brigitte, J Guthrie, Hallie Fouts, Lisa Maldonado, Peter, Ashley W, Bill S, christina barton, Sameer, Ann H, Julie, BrendaV, Scott Sweitzer, Dave, Connie, Russ, Rich A., Sharon B, Phil 'Foz' Parkerson, Alex, Justin P., Victor, Maija, HARRY Roisman, Vaishali, Karen S, Chris H, Henry Jones, Nancy E, John L, Garret, Sharon, Allison, Andrea Nunn, Tomme, Eric Chaney, Lowell C, Sheri, Carin, Judy, Tim W, Jacquie M., Laurie F, Bill T., Katherine Bennett, Scott Bennett, Fernando, Glenn A, Michelle M., JT, Denise, Ed S, Steve Wilder, Ben Shienvold, Melissa M, Suzie, Steve Schroer, Jen, Ron S

Write Up:

The 2014 AOC Picnic on the shore of Lake Allatoona was a wonderful event, thanks to the many volunteers who worked hard before, during and after the picnic. Over 80 members enjoyed the day’s festivities which included great picnic food and the traditional AOC games.  We added a couple of fun new activities to the picnic this year - a gigantic, inflatable obstacle course that became the center of the fun, and an all-you-want snowball machine with cherry, grape, and lemon-lime syrup.

Our picnic entertainment was provided by Games Master, Charlie Cottingham, with help from Joyce and Foz. Charlie made sure eveyone had a great time with his Wild and Crazy games. 

Congratulations to the winning teams of this year's events:

No-Hands Volleyball Race:  Eric and Melissa

Egg Toss: Eric and Melissa M.

Balloon Busting Race:  Fernando and Lisa M., who defended her title as last year’s winner of this event!

Tug of War:  Matthew B., Mike S., Alex M., Lisa M., Julie, Maija

The inflatable obstacle course turned into a competition as well, with the fastest finishers including Matthew B., Victor H., and even Charlie C. himself!  Several members enjoyed tackling the Scavenger Hunt and found (among other things) Jimmy Buffett's old-style aluminum "pop top" and "shaker of salt."

Charlie amassed a wonderful assortment of prizes to distribute to the game winners and all of the participants.  Prizes included small daypacks, a slalom water ski, LED lanterns, hand weights, a waterproof bag, headlamp, numerous cozies, and a large supply of both REI and Sports Authority discount tickets.  There was even a container of home-grown tomatoes.

A huge thank you to our master chef, Larry Cooper, with help from John Stirman, Peter, and Steve, for serving up mouth-watering hot-off-the grill burgers, veggie-burgers and hot dogs. Our midday cookout under the cover of the dining pavilion was delightful and the bountiful food and refreshments were delicious!

Special thanks to Billy for offering rides on his boat, with help from Denise.  Thanks also to Matthew Ballard and Jenn Howle for manning the sno-cone machine; to Allston, Ashley, Che and Julie for running the registration table; and to Steve and Suzie for directing traffic in the pouring rain.  Our other volunteers included Steven Koonce, Hakeem, Lisa Maldonado and Bill Schmalz who pitched in during and after the picnic to help with clean-up duties. Finally, we want give a special shout out to Paula Schubert who helped Michelle with purchasing and transporting all the food and gear needed for cooking and hosting this event.  

We also need to recognize all the other folks also pitched in to set up, referee the games, keep the Picnic area clean, and load/haul gear and supplies.

Our annual picnic is a way for the leadership to celebrate all of members and we hope that all who attended this outdoor party enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Laura, Jenn & Michelle