Sat, Jun 7 2014 - Backpack the Benton Mackaye Trail - Hwy 64 to Hwy 68 (Sections 12-14b) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Garrett, Myra Kincaid
Participants:Myra Kincaid, Garrett, Eric P

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Write Up:

It was a hot one this weekend! Temperatures in the upper 80s with high humdity lead to more than one set of glassy eyes on this 33-mile backpack. But, it was well worth the excellent scenery. This section of the BMT followed the "wild and scenic" Hiawassee for several miles providing many great views of this river, which wound it's way through small, but surprisingly dramatic mountains. The trail also crossed several small streams which were crystal clear and teaming with minnows. These streams provided great opportunities to cool off as well as a lovely camp spot along the side of Loss creek. The hike was further enlivened by animal encounters, including a large copperhead, and an extremely aggressive snapping turtle which blocked the trail.


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