Tue, Aug 19 2014 - Amicalola Falls to Len Foote Hike Inn (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Larry Cooper, Lisa
Participants:Larry Cooper, Joy Martin, Shirley S, Dr. Barbara, Divya N, Sharon, Lisa, Doug, Jeff Gimpel, Dirk

Write Up:

What a perfect day this turned out to be!  Despite the looming threat of rain, we gathered at the carpool lot and drove off into the mist.  The trailhead was shrouded in fog and the breeze scattered raindrops from the leaves onto our heads as we hit the AT approach trail.  We soon doffed our raingear and began the long ascent to the Hike Inn.  Our fearless leader, Larry, maintained a steady pace as we marched along behind him in a tightknit group.

After a much-needed repast in the mess hall of the Inn, we savored a few moments in the sun, basking in the warmth and appreciating the view.  We returned via the hike inn trail and enjoyed one another's company.  Our murmured conversation was only interrupted once by sharp cries and an admirable 2-foot vertical leap by Shirley after encountering a snake.

After making it back to the parking lot, the adventure continued for one carload of sweaty, grimy hikers.  A left rear tire blowout forced us to swerve to the emergency lane of Georgia 400.  The Daytona pit crew has nothing on this team!  Larry, Jeff, Joy and Lisa worked as a well-oiled machine, changing the tire and getting the vehicle back on the road within ten minutes.

A congratulatory shout-out to Joy, Sharon, and Shirley for nailing their first-ever D4 with gusto!

Never a dull moment with the AOC!