Sat, Apr 12 2003 - Hike at Cloudland Canyon (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Patrick Barry
Participants:Patrick Barry

Write Up:
Notes: Immediately after getting out of the car you could hear the roar of the waterfalls. The recent heavy rainfall made for swollen streams and fast flowing water. We decided to hike to the waterfalls first and then hike the perimeter canyon loop. Once we made the trek to the base of the first waterfall we began snapping pictures of the waterfall from many different angles. The sun was directly overhead and made for a few spectacular shots. We lounged on the rather large boulders and soaked up the sun. A breeze blew a light mist over the left most portion of the pool and it felt wonderful on the face while listening to the sound of crashing water. After a brief rest period we hiked to the second observation point in the canyon. This waterfall, less than a half mile from the first observation deck, roared loudly too! The sun was still overhead and picture taking was splendid. We mad our way back to the top of the canyon and began our hike on the rim loop. The air temp allowed for short pants, a t-shirt and for a good portion of the hike - sunglasses. The rim loop takes you along the western part of the canyon and through many different aspects of nature. We crossed several small streams, saw deer, a soaring hawk, several species of flora and fauna and from time to time, stopped off at several lookout points. One lookout point enables you to look back over the canyon and the city below, albeit it is off in the distance. Another lookout has you opposite the parking lot, with the canyon below. Truly a nice sight to behold. The rim loop also has hike-in cabins and tent sites. We passed by the cabins and noticed many were occupied by the wonderful smell of a campfire. Cloudland Canyon remains one of the best hikes for beginners and a must for anyone looking to get out of Atlanta on short notice. If you have a digital camera, do yourself a favor and verify your batteries are new or fully charged. The views of the canyon and the waterfalls wont disappoint you.
Written By: Patrick Barry
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