Sun, Sep 14 2014 - Beautiful Beginner’s Kayaking on the Chestatee River (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Allston, Steven Redmond
Participants:Parry, Beth Ash, Deb R, Jared S, Brian, Connie, Russ, John V, Larry Cooper, Lucy, Jennifer Howle, Ron S, Allston, Steven Redmond, Heidi W., Thomas W., Allison, Howard, Aaron, Denise A, Tim G., Nikki, Steve D

Write Up:

It was a cool, cloudy morning on the Chestatee River in North Georgia Sunday, but our group of twenty three AOC paddlers had a great trip.  We had several people who had limited paddling experience, including three or four who had never been in kayaks before, but they all did great!  Denise even went through one of the bigger Class I rapids backwards, but made it look intentional!


Only one person “went swimming,” though several people enjoyed floating down the “chute” at Big Bend Beach where we paused as usual for a break about halfway through. I never get tired of the scenery along the Chestatee, which is gorgeous, and we were treated to sights such as turtles, fish and a beautiful Great Blue Heron who was annoyed by our presence and flew a ways downstream to a small side creek where Beth had to paddle in to get his picture. 


Thanks to Aaron and Steven for helping to “sweep,” assisting our kayakers toward the back of the group and guiding them through some of the rapids.  Also, thanks to Thomas for risking bumps and bruises to get out of his kayak and stand at the bottom of one of the rapids to assist other folks who kept getting hung up on the rocks!  We are also grateful that no one (except possibly Denise for a minute) took Beth too seriously when she paddled back upstream to inform them that the river up ahead unfortunately had been closed. Bad girl Beth!  ; )


On a side note, we got to do an extra good deed for the day when we spotted a bright orange piece of plywood on the bank of the river about 2/3 of the way down.  It turned out it had been stolen from the Outfitter the previous evening during a break-in, along with some tubes and the owner’s two kayaks!  When we told the owner, Ben, about seeing the piece of wood, he sent one of his crew down to look for the tubes and kayaks, and sure enough, found them abandoned a little ways beyond their usual take-out point. The thieves had apparently used the plywood as a makeshift paddle and taken the items for a joyride down the river. Since Ben had had one of those kayaks for over 11 years, and loved it, he was greatly relieved to get it back!


After our paddle, about 14 of us adjourned to Pueblo’s in nearby Dahlonega for some excellent Mexican food before heading back to town.  A big thanks to everyone who came out yesterday and participated in the event. We had a fun group!  Photos will be posted as soon as they are available, so stay tuned. : )