Sat, Sep 13 2014 - Hiking w/ Cabin Overnight : BMT -Sec 5&6(&7) (View Original Event Details)

Trip Leader(s): Myra Kincaid
Participants:Myra Kincaid, Debbie H, Peter, Jim, Tricia S., Reese, Ang, Armin, Martin, Bill

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Write Up:

I put in a special request for great weather this weekend, and it certainly worked ! The group hiked through cool, misty mountains starting at the Toccoa river. The trail was steep, but beautiful. We enjoyed a snack break at a mist-shrouded lookout tower. We headed down the gap, dodged a few angry yellow jackets, and finished section 5 at Wilscot Gap.We then had lunch at Debbie's cabin nearby (thanks Debbie!!).


After lunch, five of us headed out to tackle an extra-credit afternoon hike on the little-traveled (section 7) road-walk through Blue Ridge. We navigated our way past cabins, barns, yards and pastures before taking a running dash across highway 76. Finishing the hike just before sundown, we returned to the cabin for some serious face-stuffing and great fellowship.


After a hearty breakfast and some interesting stretching, we started section 6 by trudging up the west side of rich mountian. The weather Sunday morning was even cooler and nicer than it had been on Saturday! We took a break on top of the mountain, and then headed down east side once everyone was gathered back up. We discovered a great waterfall at the bottom of the mountain and took another break before finishing with one more road walk, passing rustic cabins, crossing Shallowford bridge, and finishing by the river.  A few of hiked an additional two miles while waiting for the cars to be retrieved (Apparently 28 miles was not enough!).


The following folks completed all three sections: Armin Geissler, Jim Albert, Bill Pike, Peter Trinkle, and Myra Kincaid. (Everyone else completed sections 5&6 with flying colors).


Thanks so much for hosting Debbie!


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